Mieko Secret Studio


 "I love being a photographer.  I have to admit, as a woman, as a person, we  are always our worst critics... I love blowing up those nagging preconceived, negative thoughts we have about ourselves right out of the water.  I love showing other women, and men for that matter,  what everyone else sees when they look at them... we are all different and I love drawing that beauty out of these absolutely beautiful people. Diversity is beautiful." - Kim Barber Towns


My name is Kim Barber Towns, and I own and operate Mieko Secret Studio and KB Towns Photography!


I specialize in boudoir and pin up style photography.




I have been into photography since early childhood, and decided to take it to a professional level in 2013, and (to toot my own horn) I have taken some AMAZING shots throughout the years, and also, thanks to my amazing clients/models of course!  It’s always interesting to look back at old photo shoots, and either be totally impressed with my work, or notice things that I could have done different or things to improve on. My brain is a creative wonderland, so the ideas of photo shoots are continuously flowing, and I’m constantly learning new ways to play with filters, lights, poses, etc.  I have dabbled in all types of photography over the years, including infant, family, graduation, life moments, wedding, nature, etc. etc. etc. I enjoy it all… but my PASSION and CALLING is definitely Boudoir and Pin Up style photography.


 In 2014, I decided to truly dedicate my time to my ART and my PASSION, and that is when Mieko Secret Studio was born! I’m sure you’ve looked through the pictures on social media as well as my website to see some my work, but those are JUST TEASERS of what can be created. Every single client that I have worked with is unique and inspiring to my creative side. I’m proud of my creations and honored that my clients have trusted me with their time, and together with my clients we have created some absolutely stunning works of art from their photography sessions with me.


Take a peek around, and just imagine what we could come up with together!


 The possibilities are nearly endless!


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